Undo Transition

1. About the add-on

The Undo Transition add-on addresses a problem

This JIRA add-on provides the ability to undo your last transition for an issue, simply reverting to your previous status and resolution. This add-on automatically adds a 'go back' transition to all statuses without having to modify your workflows.

This is a tremendous benefit for JIRA administrators / workflow designers. Most often workflows include a lot of steps as a 'way back'. Now workflows can be designed 'forward only' withouth worrying about back steps.

2. Installation

This add-on is available for download directly from the add-on manager in your JIRA installation. Alternatively, you can download the add-on from the Atlassian Marketplace directly and install the add-on manually. You can find more information about installing add-ons in the Confluence documentation.

3. How to use the add-on

3.1. Prepare for use

This add-on does not require any configuration, after installation the plugin is active on all workflows. Without any further configuration all JIRA users can now undo their own transitions.

3.2. Undo a transition

Every issue will now have a new Undo transition link in the More menu. Note however that it only shows for the owner of the transition. The owner of the transition is the user that performed the transition on that issue. In other words, you can only undo things that you did.

Undo Transition Link

When clicking the 'Undo transition' link a popup will appear showing a comparison of the current and destined status and resolution values. If the destined values are as expected, simply click the 'undo' button and the last transition you made will be reverted.

Undo Transition Dialog

3.3. Configuring groups

By default only the owner of the transition can undo it. It is also possible to allow other users to undo transition that they don’t own. You can configure this by selecting groups in the add on configuration.

Undo Transition Group Configuration