Edit Custom Field Values

1. About the add-on

The Edit Custom Field Values add-on addresses a problem often experienced by JIRA administrators. If a project needs changes to the values of a custom field, this task can only be executed by the JIRA administrator. With the Edit Custom Field Values plugin, this task can now be deferred to the project administrator.

2. Installation

This plugin is available for download directly from the plugin manager in your JIRA installation. Alternatively, you can download the plugin from the Atlassian Marketplace directly and install the plugin manually. You can find more information about installing plugins in the Confluence documentation.

3. How to use the add-on

3.1. Verify your Permissions

First, verify that you have the Administer Projects Permission. This permission is required to use the plugin.

3.2. Go to the Custom Field Values Overview

As a user with the Administer Projects permission go to the project administration area:

  1. Choose the Projects Menu and navigate to your project

  2. Choose the Administration tab

  3. Choose Custom Fields from the left menu

Now you see a list of the custom fields that are used in the current project.

3.2.1. Edit your custom field

Choose Edit Values for the custom field you want to make changes to. Here you can add new values to the custom field, disable / enable fields and set the default value(s).

4. Understanding custom fields

To understand how the edit custom fields plugin works it is crucial to understand some things about custom fields in JIRA in general.

4.1. Custom field contexts

The first and most important thing is that custom fields are not necessarily limited to one project. Some custom fields are configured to appear in multiple projects. This is called a custom field context in JIRA. This is important to consider when adding values to a custom field. If you are in doubt about your particular custom field, please contact your JIRA administrator.

This plugin cannot help you isolate values for your project only. The reason for that is that we seamlessly integrate with the existing JIRA custom fields. This is a big plus when adding this plugin to an existing configuration.

The add-on allows you to specify when project admins are allowed to edit custom fields.

Configuration options

4.1.1. Allow editing single context

Only custom fields values with a context specific for your project are shown within the project administration panel.

Admin configuration
Project configuration

4.1.2. Allow editing shared context

Custom field values with a shared context with either a single or multiple project are shown within the project administration panel.

Admin configuration
Project configuration

4.1.3. Allow editing global context

All custom fields, related to a project either via a shared or global configuration, are shown within the project administration panel.

Admin configuration
Project configuration

4.2. Disabling values

Another thing that is good to know is that when you disable a particular value, that value can still be the current value for existing issues. It’s just that you cannot pick that value for new issues.

When editing existing issues with the disabled value, you are forced to choose another value before you are allowed to save.