Our add-ons

The Numbered Headings logo
Numbered Headings

Because your headings should really be numbered, automatically.

The Altas CRM logo
Atlas CRM

Manage companies and contacts, link customers to issues, use JIRA Cloud as your CRM

The Git for Confluence logo
Git For Confluence

Embed or attach Git files to Confluence and synchronize them automatically.

The Edit Custom Field Values logo
Edit Custom Fields

This add-on allows project administrators to edit custom field values for their projects. It works seamlessly with the standard JIRA custom fields.

The Undo Transition logo
Undo Transition

This JIRA plugin provides the ability to undo your last transition on an issue, reverting to the previous status and resolution.

The XSD Viewer logo
XSD Viewer

The XSD Viewer plugin for Confluence helps the developer to create easy to maintain documentation on your XML Schema Definition files.

The User Directory API logo
User Directory API

Adds an API to Confluence, JIRA and Stash that allows you to instantly sync user directories.

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What our customers say

This plugin has allowed our users to effortlessly warn administrators about out of date or misplaced content.

Jos Hooghof

Using our add-on: Flag Content

This plugin is very useful in building linear manuals from wiki pages. The developers are very helpful and responded quickly to a new feature request.

Mary-Jane Smyth

Using our add-on: Numebered Headings